Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stonehearth Updates and Announcements! Small graphical review!

I'm absolutely ecstatic about the new features that have been under development by the Radiant Entertainment team, it's literally astonishing how two people can come so far. As stated in an earlier post their real-time strategy sandbox game project Stonehearth was born in early 2012, by two brothers that wanted to change the way that games where played, with obvious inspiration from games such as Minecraft and the older real-time strategy games, Stonehearth is going to be something completely different from anything that we have ever seen before. The graphics test was released about two weeks ago and can be obtained on the official Stonehearth website, and let me tell you, it's no Cube-World. This has got to be the smoothest voxel based game I have ever seen run.
I had never thought that I would see this again, the good ol' resource platform that was introduced in the real-time strategy game called Stronghold, where resources were stored on a platform instead of just turned in and magically being converted to your possession. This creates the need for proper resource management because once you're out of space, you're out of space, and I'm sure everybody that has ever played a real-time strategy before knows that having too much of one resource and none of another if never a good thing, unless of-course the game implements a marketing system.

That's all I have for today, however I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on any other updates and let you guys know exactly what I think about the game from an non-biased view. So far it looks like a great buy, regardless of the game genre that you enjoy playing. It's not trying to knock-off any game or become a "Minecraft killer" as some people would call it, instead it's trying to become it's own game and it will do just that.

Stonehearth Alpha Announced!

If you're interested in sandbox games and want to see some of the twists this genre is about to take, then I suggest you continue to read on, Stonehearth is changing the way that the Real-Time Strategy and Sandbox games are going to be encorperated forever. Stonehearth is a 3D Stategy Game that is Voxel Based and has been in development since early 2012. Here's a quote from the Stonehearth development team. "We’re proud of what we have accomplished so far, but features that we had hoped to have finished by now, like construction, are still works in progress. To be perfectly clear, we are still very confident that we can build these features. It’s just taking longer than we had expected."

Stonehearth has been undergoing constant updates throughout the days and the amount of content in the game just continues to increase, however now we are expecting the Alpha testing to take place starting in December of 2013! But, this will just leave one question.

What's in Stonehearth Alpha?

Well, while Stonehearth is a Role-Playing Game combined with a Sandbox game and a Real-Time Strategy game, it's really difficult to encorperate all of it together into a nice, fluid gameplay, however Radiant Entertainment has done this flawlessly.

"The alpha releases will be available to everyone who pre-ordered the Stonehearth “beta”, either through the Kickstarter or the Humble Bundle store. You’ll have the option of a direct download or installing through Steam. We’re still working out the details on Steam, so that may come a little later.
Here’s what’s in Alpha 1:
  • Random world generation
  • Ability to choose where you want to settle
  • Harvesting resources (wood, berries, etc) and storing them in stockpiles
  • Basic crafting, with one profession: the Carpenter
  • Day/night cycle
  • Your citizens will eat when they get hungry and sleep when they get sleepy
  • Basic construction of walls and houses
This will be an Alpha quality release. There will be bugs. It is missing major features, like the ability to save your progress." ~Stonehearth Dev Blog

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stonehearth Review

Ever wondered what a beautiful three dimensional voxel based real time strategy game would look like that was combined with role playing game mechanics. I did too until i stumbled upon this beautiful game, in my Stonehearth review I will be going over the aspects in which make this game unique and stand out from the other types of games in its genre. Stonehearth is designed to be a RTS game that is set up in an sand-box like environment, created by Radiant Entertainment. In this voxel based game you are basically a god controlling numerous pawns that will do your bidding. Stonehearth combines aspects of city simulations created by an RTS styled building system, as well as RPG styled combat systems. The sky is the limit, literally. Stonehearth was developed with mod support in mind, allowing even entry level players to create their own towns, creatures, and tools that you will be able to share with the communities. Radiant Entertainment composes of an two man team, Tom, who is in charge of Game Design, Lore, as-well as graphical design, and Tony, who does most of the brainstorming for the group, as well as programming, not to mention the team that brings Stonehearth to you are twins! They started developing Stonehearth in early 2012, although they realized that they could not do it themselves, they needed help so they sought out a community that they could get the support they needed from and they stumbled upon Kickstarter. Radiant Entertainment released a Kickstarter campaign back in April of 2013 asking for $120,000 to complete their project, when the funding period ended in May of 2013 they had raised a total of $751, 920 dollars with 22,844 supporters through Kickstarter alone. Radiant Entertainment met their goal by a landslide and because of that Stonehearth is planned to have numerous additional features, including but not limited to Mac and Linux support, Player vs Player, multiple new playable classes, as well as Co-op Multiplayer. Stonehearth was placed on Steam's green-light program back in April around the same time as the Kickstarter campaign and it had just recently been accepted, so Stonehearth will be available on Steam. The stonehearth beta is scheduled to be released sometime in December of 2013, so if you are interested in pre-ordering the game you can get your hands on it via the official website at for the low price of thirty dollars, USA. Pre-ordering Stonehearth allows you early-beta access, as-well as early game access during the official release. Thank you for reading my Stonehearth review. Thank you for reading my Stonehearth review.